Gov. Deal signs bills to split city of Stockbridge, goes to vote in November General Election

Source: WGCL

Representative Dale Rutledge doesn’t represent Stockbridge, but he is the sponsor of Senate Bill 263 to split the city.

“We’ll be asking for it on the floor in the coming days on the house,” said Rutledge.

Representative Rutledge says the residents in the area asked for this after they weren't being represented.

“I would ask your viewers to google Stockbridge and just look at all the news report that have come out of Stockbridge it’s a clear indication they are not getting the representation they deserve and that’s what lead them to that discussion- and you said news reports what are you referring to because I’m not familiar with what you are referring to cause im not familiar with what you rare talking about-then just google it.”

These residents have lived in the Eagles Landing community for more than 20 years. A big concern if this bill does pass, not everyone who lives in Stockbridge will get to vote.

According to the Carl Vinson Institute, in 2016 Stockbridge brought in just over $9.5 million now if Stockbridge is de-annexed, they will lose $4.1 million dollars.

The Carl Vinson Institute is one of the most reputable research groups used in the state.

If this split does happen, city officials and the study say Stockbridge will not survive.

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