GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Imagine if you had to live next door to an abandoned home with trash piling up to the ceiling.

One Gwinnett County woman says she's concerned for the health and well-being of her elderly mom and neighbors that live next door to a property just like that. 

“Just a lot of trash that was laying around. It’s an eyesore, and I believe it’s also a health hazard for us,” Joy Carter told CBS46’s Melissa Stern.

Joy Carter took photos of what she says her mother had to look at for about a year. 

“I mean, it was up to the roof,” Carter said.

After the owner was nowhere to be found, she contacted Gwinnett County and a code enforcement officer inspected the vacant property back in August. They found outdoor storage, a damaged pool, tall grass, weeds, and a garage door on the property. A field notice of violation was posted on the door.

“You don’t know what bugs or anything that’s going to come out and go into my mom’s house, and she’s 80,” added Carter.

A spokesman for Gwinnett County says a re-inspection was completed in September, and the officer mailed violation notices.

Carter said the trash remained.

“They didn’t contact anybody to get it done, so I took it upon myself,” Carter added. “Not long after I reached out to CBS46, the dumpster arrived, a crew came and started cleaning up.”

After CBS46’s Melissa Stern got involved, the high grass was cut, and a dumpster was placed onsite over the weekend. Tuesday’s re-inspection revealed that 95% of the code violations had been corrected. 

“I was surprised it happened so quickly,” said Carter.

The code enforcement manager left a voice message with the property owner to discuss removal of what’s left. Staff anticipates the remaining items and the dumpster will be removed by the end of the week.

No citation was given because the issues have been corrected, and since the property owner cooperated after contact was made.

“I think everybody will be able to breath better, you know, just like a weight off your shoulders,” Carter said.

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