ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- (CBS46) – One of the funniest co-hosts of CBS’ “The Talk” is on a mission to re-create history. Sheryl Underwood is joining with the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Coalition to re-create the historic 1963 March on Washington. CBS was the only major network to broadcast complete live coverage of the march which attracted hundreds of thousands supporters for freedom and jobs for African Americans.

“Everybody that was alive in 1963 and at that march, we’re working to find them and get them to be a part,” she said.

The re-creation will take place August 2020 at the Washington Monument.

Underwood said the mission of the coalition is to register voters, make sure everyone is counted in the 2020 and encourage people to engage in celebrating the history and advancement the march produced.

“I think we can come together as a family to do some good in the neighborhood,” said Underwood. “We’re going to defend our democracy one vote at a time.”

President and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Coalition Dr. Charles Steele Jr. said Underwood has been a driving force bringing together corporations and organizations to support the efforts.

“Sheryl is doing something that couldn’t have happened without her,” he said.

Steele said it’s important young people know the history behind the march and the importance of solidarity in fighting for a cause. Steele said young people can learn from the actions of civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph’s when he reached out to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and urged him to improve civil rights for African Americans.

“He said, ‘Philip, I agree with you, but do me a favor, make me do it. That’s powerful,” Steele said.

Warren Ballentine of Sheryl Underwood Radio said people of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

“It’s not a love for one, it’s a love for all. It’ about calling everybody to the table to work as a family, showing love no matter what race, religion, your background, your economic position, this is about a day of 1963 coming together and having some love as Americans.”

For details on how you can help or participate, click here.

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