CBS46 multimedia journalist Iyani Hughes is used to covering the news, but says she never thought she would become part of a story. In the early morning of April 14, 2020, that changed.

Iyani was at the scene of a story, editing a report in the back of her news van, when a woman later identified as Seniqua Lunsford, jumped into the van and drove off.

"I was really scared, I just didn't want to die. That was my biggest fear," Iyani says. In the moment, she had to face her fear to save her own life. Her next steps helped her to survive.

"I just buckled up. I don't know what drove me to buckle up," she recalls. She adds, she started speaking calmly to Lunsford. "I just asked her 'do you want to pray with me? I can pray for you if you want'... and it seemed like she had something going on and wanted someone to listen to her and if that was going to keep me alive I wanted her to know I would listen to her," she says.

After several minutes of driving, Lunsford crashed the car into a tree. The next thing Iyani remembers is getting out of the car and running for help. Lunsford was taken to jail, and Iyani was taken to the hospital.

Iyani says that's when her biggest blessing in life was revealed. It was during that trip to the emergency room that she found out she was five weeks pregnant. Now, she's the mother of a three month old son.

"There's a reason I made it out alive. There's a reason I have a bigger blessing that came out of that. Its not just the reporter who was kidnapped and it ends there. It happened because I'm a strong person and God was able to give me a bigger blessing. That gave my job, my life, a bigger reason," she says.

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