There has been a change in Cobb County and Democrats are saying it's because of people showing up to vote.

CBS46 spoke with the Cobb County Democratic Committee about the county changing colors.

For as long as the Cobb County Democratic Party chair has been in Cobb County, it has been a red county. But now, he's saying something else with confidence.

"I will say now that Cobb County is blue," says Michael Owens, who chairs the committee that carries out the business of the Democratic Party in the county.

"It has been a predominant red county for a long time, and a stronghold for the Cobb County GOP from across the state," says Owens. 

After Election Day, that changed with school board candidates, state representatives and others.

"All of our statewide candidates won across the county here in Cobb, with a healthy margin as well," says Owens.

Owens credits that change to a range of voters going to the polls.

"We're able to reach out to the immigrant communities, elderly communities," says Owens. "We're able to reach out to the youth."

That was also the thought expressed by some Cobb County voters on Election Day.

"I feel like there's going to be a shift, I really do. I think there's a such a shift in who is voting," said a voter.

Owens says it's more than just about parties, but about elected officials reflecting the people across the county.

"It's about everyone's voice being heard, and unfortunately, when there's only one party in power, particularly at the county level, you don't get that voice of power, that voice of reason where people actually have to compromise and negotiate to get things done," says Owens.

The longtime Cobb County resident also says the momentum to keep people interested in politics and voting is powerful and must continue.

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