COBB COUNTY (CBS46) -- Three people are charged with felony murder in the death of a Mableton man gunned down in front of his home in July.

George Anthony Vela, 24, was shot shortly after midnight on July 22. He, his girlfriend and their two children returned home to their house on Hickory Trail after watching 'The Lion King' movie when he was fatally shot.

Cobb County Police announced Wednesday morning that three people have been charged with felony murder, including his girlfriend.

Christopher Gutierrez, 19, from Smyrna, Zackary Franks, 19, from Mableton and Yainerys Gil, 23, Vela’s girlfriend, have all been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault – intent to murder.

“It breaks my heart because I think of her as a my little sister, even right now,” said Vela’s brother, Robert Smith.

He said Vela and Gil have two children together, ages six and one.

“Since the funeral she hasn’t talked to me and I felt like it was a sense of guilt that she knew if she said anything to me I would be able to tell she is lying because I’ve known her since she was 15,” he said.

According to arrest warrants, Gil conspired with the two other suspects to have her boyfriend killed and notified them of his location throughout the day and night. Warrants also sate Gutierrez drove to the victim’s house with the intent to murder him and shot Vela multiple times with a .45 caliber handgun.

Smith said when his brother and Gil came home from the movies they found their house had been robbed of thousands of dollars in clothing and shoes Vela planned to sell online. He said later that night his brother saw a car sitting in the street so he went out to confront it and was shot. He said he believes it all happened because Gil didn’t want to be with Vela anymore.

“It’s a degree of immaturity and not being able to sit down and say, hey I’m not happy, how do we work this out? Instead she went this way and I don’t understand why,” he said.

The three suspects are being held without bond.

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