Charlotte councilwoman compares President Trump to Adolph Hitler

Source: City of Charlotte

A woman serving on the Charlotte, N.C. city council is in hot water after likening President Donald Trump's administration to the reign of Adolph Hitler.

LaWana Mayfield, who is also the first openly gay candidate to ever win a Charlotte city council race, tweeted a statement saying ""For All who read about Hitler you are Now Living how he reigned in #45." She also included the hashtags: #DraftDodger #ClinicalSociopath #ASKAboutYemen and #IdiotinChief.

For All who read about Hitler you are Now Living how he reigned in #45 #DraftDodger #ClinicalSociopath #ASKAboutYemen #IdiotinChiefโ€” LaWana Mayfield (@lawanamayfield) October 20, 2017

Social Media Reaction

Several people commented on her tweet, both in favor and against.

If Trump can tell lies and get by with it without should be able to voice your opinion without having to apologize!โ€” Empowering Others (@chorne868) October 20, 2017
She can voice her opinion. But trump isn't marching millions to death camps.โ€” george wood (@ghwood10) October 21, 2017

A Democrat, Mayfield was elected to the council in 2011. In 2014, Mayfield was awarded the David Bohnett LGBT Leadership Fellowship and completed the Harvard Kennedy School of Government program.

No word on if she'll face disciplinary measures.

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