ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- At least ten people have been injured in a chemical spill at a science building on the Clark Atlanta University campus.

Hazmat crews have been on campus all Friday afternoon. The Clark Atlanta Science Building was evacuated and remains empty as crews are cleaning up.

“I left everything, I only took my bag and my belongings and ran toward the stairs,” Abdu Dwead, a Biology PhD Student, told CBS46 reporter Melissa Stern.

Students from a summer program were working in the lab at the Clark Atlanta Science Building.

“Earlier this morning, we had a 911 call for a possible chemical spill here it was unidentified what the chemical was upon arrival on the scene, and the person who possibly spilled the chemical didn’t know what it was either,” said Sgt. Cortez Stafford, with the Atlanta Fire Department. “When the individual spilled the chemical and it happened to fall off the cart, he immediately evacuated the building and told everyone to get out of the building as well, so he made a good call with that.”

Some people leaving the building were possibly exposed to the chemical broken down on the ground.

Sgt. Stafford said the off gas created a small white cloud on the ground.

Once evacuated, those people were moved to another building. Those people are isolated, and the fire department says it appears to be more of a respiratory issue more than anything.

“Our priority is the folks who were exposed to the chemical. Initially we had reports of two individuals, it went to six and now we’re at possibly ten individuals who were exposed to chemicals as a result of the spill in the Clark Atlanta Science Building,” added Sgt. Stafford.

He said they are still trying to determine what the substance is.

“Everything will be okay, for the people, at least, they’re trying to check now, hopefully, everything will be good,” Dwead added. “They are learning now, from their mistakes, so they can avoid that in the future.”

The building remains evacuated as of 5 PM Friday evening. Only cleaning crews are allowed inside.

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