Cities ban straws to prevent them from ending up in oceans

Source: WGCL

We've all used them. Most, for only a few minutes at a time then they're thrown away.

We're talking about plastic straws. Now across the world, cities like Seattle this week are banning them because many end up in our oceans.

CBS46 reporter Kai Beech went to Ted's Montana Grill in downtown Atlanta. This restaurant uses millions of straws each year. But these straws are made from biodegradable paper which means they'll break down, often times before they reach the ocean and could ever impact sea life.

But that's not the case for single use plastic straws. According to experts, hundreds of millions of these straws end up in the ocean every year.

But a local college professor is trying to change that.

"If you see how this item you don't really consider important or certainly not dangerous is really really really a hazard you'll think twice about ever using them again," said Pam Longboardi, a GSU professor.

Longboardi says she'll keep working until more people start skipping on straws.

Folks at Ted's say they've been able to cut down on about one million straws a year by putting them in these straw caddies so people have to get them themselves.

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