Citizens turned away after cyberattack shuts down Atlanta Municipal Court


People came down to Atlanta’s Municipal Court building on Friday to handle business as usual.

Or so they thought.

Joshua Brown said he took off work and called before coming down, but he didn’t get an answer.

“They told me the system was down and that we can try to call back Monday to see what’s going on,” he said.

Brown hadn’t heard about the cyberattack on the City of Atlanta, but Curt Morse said he did and figured it would be resolved.

“So I walked in and I saw them basically just turning people around, and since I kind of knew what was up, I said ‘Are the systems down?’ and they said yes they were,” he said.

Many were frustrated and said they weren’t used to what they were seeing, and some even said they were a little bit skeptical.

Melonie Baker said she’ll be calling back Monday.

“They asked me for my name, my citation number,” she said.

She’s just one of many still in shock.

“That’s like wow, how did that even happen?”

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