City of Brookhaven: Access to MARTA cameras could help identify suspects

Source: WGCL

The City of Brookhaven is working on a partnership with MARTA to hopefully fight crime.

Brookhaven Police want access to the MARTA surveillance cameras to help try and identify people who come into the city to commit crimes.

"There have been some thieves going around," said Brookhaven resident Brandi Howard.

People living in Brookhaven say they have heard about recent crimes in the area. They fear 'tis the season for it to get worse.

"It happens in our neighborhood all the time, all the time," said Reba Griffith.

Access to MARTA cameras could help police monitor the area and possibly identity suspects. People we spoke to thought the plan was a good idea.

"Some people would probably think it's a privacy issue but no when it comes to actually crack down and get the thieves, I think that's a wonderful idea," said Howard.

"Sounds like it will be great for the community increase you know awareness and deter thieves," said James Porter. I think it's a good idea."

At this time, access to the MARTA cameras has not been granted. Brookhaven says logistics have to be worked out between two agencies and the IT Departments to integrate the systems and maintain network security.

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