Duluth police officers are now being alerted when stolen cars or drivers with other violations are in the city.

About four weeks ago, six automatic license plate readers were installed all over the city. The cameras read the license plates of every single car going into the city and run the plate numbers for infractions.

“If the vehicle then comes back clear, you’re fine,” said Officer Ted Sadowski. ”If not, then the officer looking at the camera, possibly on patrol, waits for your vehicle to come.”

Other cities have tag readers, but Duluth Police have chosen to place theirs strategically at the city’s entrances. Sadowski said the readers will also allow them to help other jurisdictions.

“Let’s say a vehicle is stolen out of Cherokee County. We can then close their case,” said Officer Sadowski.

But what if you’re driving someone else’s car that gets flagged for a violation?

“The officer may try to see if you know the person or maybe try to get it taken care of,” Sadowski explained.

There are plans to install six more license plate readers in the next few weeks. The total cost for all 12 is between 90 and 100 thousand dollars and is paid for with SPLOST money.

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