Dunwoody city leaders made it clear– AMR is not providing adequate ambulance services in their community.

City leaders presented facts to the state EMS Council that most of the response times for AMR in Dunwoody are about 15-minutes instead of the agreed upon 8-minutes in the contract.

"Life is precious and hopefully there are resources that can correct problems. Some you can’t, but with proper medical care, response and all you can sure improve the potential outcome," said John Pleck, a Dunwoody resident.

Officials even pointed out a car accident on Tilly Mill Road where it took nearly an hour for an ambulance to arrive on scene. It’s one reason they are requesting a new EMS zone for Dunwoody.

"We believe that this is not an ambulance problem, it’s not an AMR problem, it’s system problem," said Terence Ramotar, an AMR representative.

Surprisingly, a representative of AMR admitted there were problems and that the contract is flawed.

"We think traffic has built up, we think population has severely increased. I say severely positively on one side, but we’ve got to deal with the challenges on the other side," said Ramotar.

After careful consideration, the EMS Council decided to organize a sub-committee to take a closer look at the issue. So what will AMR do between now and then?

"We’re continuing to work with DeKalb County Fire Rescue on the system itself. We’re looking at non-emergency calls which over 40% of those calls are not true emergencies. So can we do something different with those calls and apply the minutes left from those calls to the true emergency calls is one option," said Ramotar.

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