LILBURN, Ga. (CBS46) -- Carlos Ruiz owns Elite Vape and Smoke, one of seven vape stores in the city of Lilburn.

“We opened up in December so we're one of the newer ones,” he told reporter Ashley Thompson.

Ruiz been in the vaping industry for eight years and has watched as it grew more mainstream. Many cigarette smokers, he says, switched to vaping to avoid tobacco.

“There's so many new devices out there,” he explained. “There's so many brands of e-juice. I mean hundreds and hundreds of different things.

Critics say the booming vaping industry, with its flavored e-juices and colorful devices, attracts the underage. It's why Lilburn is banning future stores that devote 25 percent of floor space and/or sales to vaping products, from opening.

“It is a bit of an overreach, but I think their concern is for the children,” said Linda Speight, who was somewhat torn on the vote.

“I don't' know that it's right for them to say how many businesses because look how many hair and nail places there are,” she said. “Look how many grocery stores there are.”

While there isn't enough research to determine the long-term consequences of vaping, some worry about it leading to other drugs.

“Any type of addiction, whether it be on a minor level or a large level can lead to other addictions,” said Leslie Robinson.

Ruiz said he IDs everyone who comes into his store.

It's no surprise he's not very upset about the city limiting his competition.

“I love it. What else am I going to say? I love it. For me it's good. I'm already here so I’m grandfathered in I guess you could say.”

Vape stores currently in operation won’t be affected by the ban. However, if there is a sale or change in ownership, the ordinance would apply.

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