CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- The Clayton County District Attorney set a $25,000 bond for Roderick Walker Monday evening, just two days after video of his arrest went viral.

On Tuesday, Tasha Mosley held a press conference publicly acknowledging the ongoing investigation into Walker's arrest.

"On Friday September 11, there was an incident involving Clayton County Sheriff's deputies and Roderick Walker. Parts of which were captured on video. Those videos have been widely circulated. Sheriff Victor Hill has referred this matter to our office for a full investigation. To that end, my office is collecting any and all pertinent information. As with any investigation, we encourage anyone who witnessed anything to contact my office. The number is 770-477-3450. The Georgia Rules of Professional conduct strictly forbid a prosecutor from making any comment to the media that could heighten condemnation of any parties involved in the case. Therefore I cannot and will not comment on the details of any ongoing investigation. We will not rush to judgement, rather we will be fair and thorough. That is what I've been entrusted to do for the citizens of Clayton County," said D.A. Mosley. 

The Sheriff's Office is keeping details close to the vest in this case, releasing very little information about the deputies or what happened in this violent arrest. What started as a minor traffic stop escalated into a violent arrest caught on camera. You can see two Clayton County deputies on top of the 26-year-old. One deputy is punching Walker repeatedly. 

A deputy then appears to lay his elbow across Walker's bloodied face as his girlfriend and children scream. The deputy claims Walker bit him. The deputy seen punching Walker was fired for excessive force, but today a lack of transparency into the investigation is raising questions as the sheriff's office has yet to release the names of the deputies involved or the incident reports.

"It's not only unusual and not normal, it's illegal," said Shean Williams, Walker's civil attorney. "The statue in Georgia allows for open records information. He needs to know the basis of the warrant."

Deputies stopped the car for a missing tail light. They asked to see Walker's license although he was a passenger and not the driver. He indicated he did not have his license and things escalated as officers moved to handcuff him.

"All of the officers who physically attacked or had beaten Roderick Walker needs to be terminated immediately. Not one, all of them," said Williams. "You don’t have a right to unlawful search and seizure. You don’t have a right to charge someone when the evidence doesn’t support it," he added.

Late Monday evening Walker was transported to Fulton County Jail where he is wanted for a probation violation.

Attorney Williams released the following statement:

"Roderick Walker has been granted a $25,000 bond by the Clayton County District Attorney's Office for the charges he faced in the incident with Clayton County deputies. Once he posts bond in Clayton County, which we anticipate will happen tonight, he will be released to officials in Fulton County and will be transferred to the Fulton County Jail where he faces probation issues.

We have already begun working on resolving his outstanding probation matters in Fulton County. However, he will remain in the Fulton County Jail until his probation issues are settled.

His legal team would like to reiterate that none of this would be happening if it weren't for the unlawful assault and arrest made by the Clayton County deputies, one of whom has already been terminated.

Mr. Walker and his family have suffered greatly throughout this ordeal. They would like to thank everyone in the Atlanta area and around the country who has reached out and offered support.

Roderick Walker will be home soon."

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