Clayton County residents complain of foul tasting water

Source: WGCL

Clayton County residents are fed up with foul smelling and tasting water.

People say it has been a problem for weeks and that it is downright disgusting.

The county water authority says it comes from an algae bloom and that the water is safe and it doesn't need to be boiled. But now some business leaders say the smelly water is impacting their bottom line.

"It tastes like dirt me to me," said one patron at Anne and Bills Restaurant in Forest Park.

The Clayton County Water Authority addressed this issue with the following statement on its website:Many customers in the northern half of the county have been experiencing taste and odor issues in their water. Tests performed by our Water Quality staff confirm that our tap water is safe and not harmful. The taste and odor issue is caused by the recent change in temperatures and algae that grows naturally in our drinking water reservoirs. We have shut down the plant that was the source of this water. We are seeing improvements in many areas, but the Forest Park area is still experiencing this issue. We understand this is frustrating and assure you that we are doing all we can to get their water back to normal. If you have concerns about your water, please call 770.960.5200.Anne and Bills Restaurant manager John Chafin says after failing to get rid of the bad tasting and smelling water, the Clayton County Water Authority gave them cases of bottled water.

CBS46 reached out to Forest Park Mayor David Lockhart who says this problem should be solved soon.

"They've cut off that that reservoir supply. So we should be receiving nothing but fresh non-algae water," said Lockhart.

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