Clayton County schools have metal detectors, but use them infrequently

a photo taken by a student shows where the metal detector is on most days

When we hear about tragedies like the Florida shooting, some parents say they want more security, and specifically metal detectors. CBS46 is learning that the Clayton County School District already has metal detectors, but they don't get used very often.

At Morrow High School, attended by about 2,000 students, administrators say it's just not realistic to put all the kids through a metal detector every day. Our cameras weren't allowed inside, but a student took cell phone pictures showing the metal detectors set off to the side of the entrances and not overhead.

Parents tell us the metal detectors are turned on for a few random checks throughout the year, but it is far from a regular routine.

"If they have a metal detector, it should be used," said Antoine Long.

School administrators say it's not as simple as letting the kids walk through and dealing with one or two alarms in a day. There is a potential for every student who walks through to set the machine off with keys or a belt.

Because there are less guards to give pat downs than at a stadium, and more people walking in than a courthouse, school officials say screening every single person isn't going to work.

Still, Long said he's not impressed with that argument.

"If something takes too long, but still has to get done, we need to make time for it," said Long.

Each individual principal in Clayton County is allowed to set the metal detector policy at their school, and while they've heard the concerns of parents who want students screened every day, they have no plans to change their current procedure.

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