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But are you really protecting them? A new study shows that quickly smearing an ethanol-based hand sanitizer onto your hands probably won't kill those cold and flu bugs. According to the study, it's because your fingers are still wet with mucus.

Keeping children safe while at school amid the Coronavirus pandemic is an ever-evolving practice, and one that Cobb County Schools is taking serious.

In an effort to boost sanitation practices, the Board of Education voted to install new sanitation stations at the district's 67 elementary schools.

“Our goal and first priority in the Cobb County School District has been and will continue to be, the health and safety of our staff and students," said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.

"From the start of COVID-19, the circumstances have demanded that we find solutions that are going to help us do everything we can to offer face-to-face classrooms and to help parents feel comfortable sending their students back to school," he continued.

The BOE approved Ragsdale's two sanitation technologies, The Iggy and Cleanz254. The Iggy works by spraying a proprietary blend of water an an oxidized cleaning agent on the hands of students, staff and faculty. The aqueous ozone, cleaning agent, neutralizes bacteria and virus, possibly including the Coronavirus. The plan is to install The Iggy in all high-traffic entry points.

The second technology device, Cleanz254, is a low-voltage ultra-violet light to be installed in the ceilings of classrooms. It works by sanitizing the entire classroom and air for at least an hour every evening.

“What better way to keep students and staff safe than to have these tools in our schools here in Cobb County. We really have to think about safety differently today,” said Bryant Elementary Principal Timeka Cline.

“Just as we have with other technologies we have brought into the classroom; anytime we can help our students, families, and staff be healthier and safer, we should. Installing these technologies in our elementary schools will help our principals and will help our parents know their students are as healthy and safe as possible,” said Board Chair Brad Wheeler.

The installation of the new sanitizing technologies will begin immediately so that every elementary school can be as safe as possible, as soon as possible.

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