COBB County, Ga. (CBS46) -- A Cobb County community is rallying and speaking up at a school board meeting over members not been strong enough when it comes to condemning anti-Semitism.

“We don’t feel the language has been strong enough," said Rabbi Daniel Dorsch, of Congregation Etz Chaim. "I will say this varies by school. Some schools have been better than others but the fact that there is a lack uniformity among the principals and the way they responded to the acts of hate, and really nothing from the school board leads us to believe that they see this merely as an act of graffiti.”

Over the past two weeks there has been multiple incidents of anti-Semitism written on school walls in Cobb County at Pope and Lassiter High Schools.

“If they actually cared, their actions and the very way, which is the very way they communicate, with stakeholders in this district would be very different then what they are,” said Patty Murphy, a Cobb County parent.

The acts and lack of response from some of those in the district prompting Rabbis and the community to speak out at the latest board meeting.

“When you don’t condemn behavior you condone it," said Senior Rabbi Larry Sernovitz of Temple Kol Emeth. "Right now our students don’t feel safe in some of our schools in Cobb County and anti-Semitism begins with the Swastikas and the hate speech.”

The board announced that a resolution is on the table around anti-Semitism.

“Rabbi Larry Sernovitz he and I have been discussing a potential resolution,” said  Cobb County Board of Education Chairman Randy Scamihorn.

Faith leaders in Cobb feel when it comes to the Jewish faith and people there is a general lack of understanding.

“The fact that incidents are taking place in our school systems, means that there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done,” Rabbi Dorsch said.

At the same meeting passionate parents lambasted the board for, as they say, continuing to create unsafe environments in schools because of the lack of COVID safety measures.

“It’s astonishing that Ragsdale can sit on the board of public health," said Caroline Holko, a Cobb County parent. "And still claim, first off, I know that he said in that meeting [Cobb emergency health board meeting] that we’re doing seven out of eight of the recommendations, no. And there’s no transparency. They keep saying oh we’ve upgraded the HVAC systems, Which HVAC systems?”

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