Cobb County communities invest in crime fighting camera

Source: WGCL

Metro Atlanta HOAs are using high tech tools to take a big bite out of crime.

A new warning sign is popping up in neighborhoods to let possible thieves know they are being watched and recorded.

The device records the license plate of every vehicle entering the subdivision. The video is saved to the Icloud for 30 days. If you crime happens in the neighborhood, like a car break-in or a robbery, people living there will have access to that video to try and identify a subject vehicle and license plate.

A resident in one Cobb County community like the extra safety measure.

"It's mainly for vehicles that are, that don't come in her very often. So it's good so we know who is coming in and out of the neighborhood," said Bill Penfold.

CBS46 reporter Vince Sims explains how people living in the communities can control the recordings.

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