ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Pfizer says its vaccine is safe for children ages five to eleven years old. The company is planning to ask the FDA for emergency use authorization soon.

Pfizer says on top of being safe, children tolerated the vaccine well and had a robust neutralizing anti-body response.

This comes at a time when cases in children have been skyrocketing. On August 1, Georgia averaged just about 336 cases. A month later, the state has surged to 2100. Those numbers are just now starting to fall below 1000.

Vidya Anderson is a mom of two in Cobb County.

"We're at a point of waiting and watching,” said Anderson.

Anderson is vaccinated — so is her husband and her 13-year-old son. But her 7 year-old daughter is too young to get the shot and she has been unprotected from the virus this whole time.

“It has been a great concern of us to pass on the virus to my daughter. After moving to Georgia, she had a very severe bout of RSV,” said Anderson. "And I will tell you that we're very grateful that we've kept her homeschooled, considering the way things have panned out.”

Pfizer plans on asking for regulatory authorization for the age group between five to eleven years old.

So now with the potential of Covid-19 vaccines given to kids under twelve, it finally feels for many families like there is relief in sight.

"It's the day that I've been waiting for since day one, pretty much,” said Lorena Trejo, Cobb County Schools parent, who is also homeschooling her daughter.

So many parents have been weighing the risks of sending their kids back to school. Cobb County Schools saw about 5000 reported cases of Covid-19 in the first six weeks of school. The district doesn’t have a mask mandate.

The news brings hope for many families their children can safely be in class and learn.

“We can't wait for her to be vaccinated and for to be able to go back,” said Trejo.

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