Folks who live in Cobb County may soon get hit with higher taxes.

With a $453 million budget, the chairman wants to increase taxes to save some major services in the county. County officials say because of rising costs and the county growing they need to increase the millage rate.

For decades Carmen Skrapka has been coming to Lost Mountain Park.

"My older children who have children now come to this park, there a lot of history here," said Skrapka.

She and others were devastated when there was a threat to close this park and others because of budget problems.

"No they cant. I live 5 minute from here and the kids love this park," said the mother and grandmother.

Chairman Mike Boyce found a way to not cut the parks and libraries. The chairman is proposing to increase the mileage rate which means you would pay higher taxes.

During a town hall meeting on Monday, the county board of commissioner's chairman explained the county is out of reserve money. They only have $35 million left to spend in the event there is an emergency in the county and using it would damage the county's credit rating.

In his budget, he's proposing a 1.7 millage rate increase. The rate is the figure that helps calculate total property taxes. Residents like Lance Lamberton, came to the meeting and voiced his opinion on the tax hikes.

"The problem in Cobb County is not that we have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem and Mike Boyce, the chairman of the Cobb board of commissioners has done nothing to reduce spending," said Lamberton.

Other residents came out advocating to save things like libraries as well as parks and art centers.

"I support the chairman's initiative to raise the millage rate for the county," said Cobb County resident Kitt Trench. "I believe we need to be more stronger financially. And we don't want to lose our AAA bond rating that we have."

Many are upset their taxes will be going up yet they're paying $5 million each year for the Atlanta Braves to play in the county.

Mike Boyce said the first year of the rate hike would bring in $15 million.

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