Cobb County Shelter makes desperate plea as facility nears capacity

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Spring can mean an influx of animals for many area shelters. That's why the Cobb County Animal Service is encouraging people to adopt.

"I want a white doggy," said 2-year-old Ramy. Ramy and her grandmother Cynthia Hatch are in search of a new pet and their first stop was Cobb County Animal Control.

"Coming here is better, I try to go to an animal shelter so it can be “no kill” for the animals," said Cynthia Hatch.

Hatch’s timing is perfect because the Cobb County Shelter is nearing capacity and may soon have to make the tough decision on which animals to put down.

"As the winter months tend to go away and the spring time starts to warm up, we see an influx of kittens and puppies," said Officer Sarah O'Hara from the Cobb County Police Department.

O'Hara adds, because of capacity concerns those additional dogs and cats could mean bad news for the animals already being housed at the shelter. "The ones that have been here the longest tend to be the ones that are the first to go."

Here's how it would work: the sick animals would be put down first then the older ones. The shelter would then continue that order until they are under capacity. And, although things aren't at that critical stage just yet, the concern has prompted several adoption specials as the organization tries to avoid performing any euthanizations.

"One of the big goals is to get animals into forever homes, as they call them, and we just like to have people come in and adopt an animal versus going out and maybe finding a breeder or somewhere in the area that has more designer dogs."

In addition to the many adoption discounts, animal service is hosting a fast and furriest 5K run that will benefit the organization.

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