Cobb D.A. to re-examine bullying case, following Bulldog report


The Cobb County District Attorney announced Friday, he is re-examining the case of a bullied teen facing criminal charges for fighting back against his attackers.

It comes a day after the teen and his father sat down for an exclusive interview with the CBS46 Bulldog.

D.A. Vic Reynolds says he now needs to figure out of the teen's defense was justified or if he went too far.

"I don't know that yet in this case--but were gonna find out," says Reynolds.

The District Attorney's office is planning to re-interview witnesses, after we reported on 15 year old Jorge Santa-Hernandez. A teen who lashed out after he says he was taunted by two older kids at Harrison High School at the end of last school year.

His family and their attorney says--he had a legal right to do so.

"He reacts to defend himself because he thinks something else is coming next, and that is the definition of a reasonable man put in fear for his safety for purposes of standing your own ground," says attorney Mitch Skandalakis.

Reynolds says, yes, but it depends.

"If you reasonably believe force is necessary to defend yourself from the imminent use of force, then you can do it," says Reynolds. "The only issue in this case is whether or not that happened and whether it was reasonable."

Reynolds says the teen hit by Santa-Hernandez, "He was concussed--missed work for five days."

In response to that, Jorge's father says his son continued to restrain one of the bullies out of fear he would get further attacked.

And he says--look at his son's small size. If anyone was a victim, its him. He just isn't capable of inflicting serious harm on another student.

None the less, Reynolds says if the evidence supports Jorge's actions--he will push for the two felony charges against the teen to be dropped.

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