AUSTELL, Ga. (CBS46) -- Just when she thought it couldn’t get worse, a water leak in Bianca Gordon’s Cobb County apartment led to mold and then to mushrooms.

“I just want something to be done,” Gordon said.

Gordon moved into the Austell Village Apartments last May. Since then she has paid more than $400 for a mold test and hundreds more in medical costs after being diagnosed with a fungal infection on her right foot.

“I got the mushroom on my foot, so I had to miss work from that too because my job I have to walk so it’s been hard,” Gordon said.

At her wits end, Gordon reached out to Cobb Legal Aid for help after management served her with an eviction notice.

“This is probably one of the most egregious cases we’ve ever seen to have mushrooms growing out of your carpet and for mold to be that bad and to see a landlord not do anything to fix it,” Cobb Legal Aid Managing Attorney Jennifer Yankulova said.

In search of a solution, CBS46 went to the leasing office to question the property manager, but someone locked the door and closed the blinds.

Moments later, CBS46 convinced an employee to provide a contact number to the S & S Management corporate office.

“I’m not going to keep having to pay for an apartment that is not livable. I’ve sent you numerous emails, I’ve sent you maintenance requests, calls and nothing is being done,” Gordon said.

“Certainly, we would be seeking that the eviction be dismissed on that basis that they actually owe her money. She doesn’t owe them rent. They actually owe her money in compensation for all of these things,” Yankulova said.

CBS46 spoke with a representative from S & S Management and was told there will be someone at the apartment complex from the corporate office tomorrow to investigate the issue and provide an update about how they plan to resolve the matter moving forward.

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