COBB COUNTY, GA (CBS46) William Wilson has lived in South Cobb County off and on for more than 40 years. He says, unfortunately, not much in the area has changed.

He’s now one of six people who formed the grassroots group called The South Cobb Alliance.

“We feel like through the years that we’ve been here, it’s been a little bit stagnant,” Wilson told CBS46’s Hayley Mason.

The group is working to incorporate and form The City of South Cobb. The proposed city would encompass unincorporated areas between Austell and Mableton in district four.

“The Smyrna area used to be just like Mableton and just like Austell,” said Wilson. ”There wasn’t a whole lot going on, but the city years ago came together and made a strong economic development plan to grow that area and it’s worked. Even when I moved over to the East Cobb area, you could see a lot of positive economic development-- a lot of positives with the school systems. We just want to see that for South Cobb,” Wilson went on.

The group says they want more representation at the local level, more intimate and in the know. He says the four commissioners representing the entire county aren’t enough.

The group’s top priority is representation. It also wants more quality development, better zoning, a larger code enforcement staff, better waste management and more funding to help spur success in local schools. Wilson says the new city would not dive into police and fire responsibilities initially but would hope within the first five years of existence it could take over the services that Cobb County provides.

District Commissioner Lisa Cupid, who represents the area, says she understands the concerns of the area. She says they’ve been underserved.

“This puts all communities, all governments on notice that when you have pockets or areas that are underserviced that they’re going to be people that are going to demand more,” Cupid told CBS46. “If you’re not going to give it, they’re going to find a way to get it for themselves,” Cupid said.

Cupid said getting funding for South Cobb has been an uphill challenge, but she does think changes are happening.

“I think the issues pertaining to this part of Cobb are unique, and they’ve started to get more footing,” Cupid said. “Seeing how the other areas have flourished they say, ‘why not us?’ Becoming a city is not necessarily a panacea, nor do things happen overnight, so that’s been my concern, if any. Are things changing for this part of the county, and will becoming a city make that happen quicker? That’s a question that we have to consider in all of this,” Cupid said.

Rep. Erica Thomas is expected to present possible legislation in support of the South Cobb cityhood plan to the General Assembly.

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