ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- "We hear a loud bang it's terrifying us," said a shopper at Lenox Mall Joel Glazer. "Because everything that's been on the news lately with mass shootings, we swore it was a gun shot."

On September 10, shoppers were left startled and unsettled as they tired to understand what they had just witnessed: a temporary wall collapsed without warning.

"Oh my God," said one shopper.

Some shoppers were sitting at a cafe when they were hit by the falling wall.

"I was sitting under it [points to her back that was hit]," said a lady who was sitting at a cafe.

Atlanta Fire and Police responded, reporting only one person suffering minor injuries.

In a video obtained by CBS46 you can see people clearly shaken. Thought this isn't the first time Lenox Mall has experienced a collapse.

Back in 2013 the famous Macy's Christmas Tree fell through the roof after the crane that was putting it in place dropped the tree, causing it to tear a hole in the roof.

Since the September 10 incident, the wall has been repaired.

Shoppers say they are simply thankful no one was seriously injured.

"I would never expect to see this in Lenox Mall or Phipps Plaza, it's so high-class that you'd expect nothing to ever break inside of it," said Glazer.

CBS46 reached out to the PR company representing Lenox Mall.

They said they would release a statement, but we have yet o hear from them.

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