ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Comedian Balddhead Phillips is concerned about two major issues: How the coronavirus is impacting the African American community and the added stress of bills he’s receiving from the hospital all while being sick and unemployed.

Making people laugh is a passion of the longtime comedian. But Phillips says being diagnosed with coronavirus is no joke, especially considering how Covid-19 is affecting minority communities at disproportionate rates.

“You have to be out of your mind no matter what theory you have no matter what situation you’re feeling about the government, this is upon us, this is right here. This is real, there are people losing their lives and people losing their mental health because of the situation because no one knows what to do, I say pray, stay in the house stay safe.”

The Atlanta-based artist contracted the virus early March while performing in Chicago. During his flight home Phillip’s symptoms began to escalate

“When I landed in Atlanta I was drenched in sweat, dizzy, fever, felt real weak, barely could walk and took me time to walk from the plane to the shuttle that’s in Atlanta to go to get my bags, and it took me a lot not to pass out,” he recalled.

Phillips went straight to the hospital but was told he had strep throat. Two days later he took a turn for the worse.

“From that point on I went to the emergency room they kept me, my fever was high,breathing was erratic, they checked my breathing and my long capacity was at 13%. I had been coughing up blood.”

Phillips was released from the hospital two weeks later, but on one condition..

“Of course I had to purchase my own medication after release and I had to also purchase oxygen. They weren’t releasing me. One doctor take me off the oxygen but the other was like you can go home but you have to buy this oxygen.”

A month into this horrific experience Phillips is now dealing with an added stress on top of being unemployed

“I got my first bill. It was like $1,400 and that was for when they said I had strep throat.”

Phillips knows this is a financial challenge he’ll have to battle soon, but for now he’s focusing on his health.

“I can’t go and argue with anything or put a point up because I can’t be stressed. I want to be fully recovered because stress will do me no justice.”

Phillips hasn’t received the bill for being hospitalized for more than two weeks, but he expects it will be in the thousands. To donate to his GoFundMe page, click here.

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