Commissioner questions lack of strong discipline for sanitation director after incidents


Despite trash talk about a double standard for discipline in DeKalb County's sanitation department, interim CEO Lee May's administration stood firm in their belief that sanitation director Billy Malone only deserved a three week suspension for crashing multiple county vehicles and being a part of an apparent cover up in reporting the incidents.

It's an issue that is hard to fathom for Cobb County Commissioner Bob Weatherford. He represents a county with very few problems and a AAA credit rating for nearly 20 years.

"Well, I expect more," Weatherford said. "Any employee that had three or more at-fault accidents would be troubling to me."

Weatherford was also troubled to hear DeKalb County's response to our question as to whether Malone would be required to pay back more than $15,000 in damages he caused to county vehicles.

A DeKalb County spokesperson responded, saying no, and that taxpayers did not pay for the damage as the expense is covered by county insurance.

"For a taxpayer funded government, aren't the taxpayers paying for insurance regardless of what you have?" asked CBS46's Adam Murphy. "Of course, whether you're paying a premium or paying it yourself, it's still taxpayer money going into the general fund," Weatherford responded.

So if taxpayers in DeKalb County don't pay for country insurance, then who does?

It's a question we asked the Lee May administration and in an emailed response, they totally avoided the question. We will keep asking until we get a straight answer.

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