ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The billion-dollar movie and TV industry has been halted for months because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But now, a task force is being created to work on ways to get it back up and running. With the shutdown billions of dollars are at stake and thousands of jobs.

A major concern among Hollywood workers is not only about when they will return to work, but how to return in a way that is safe.

In 2018, the global film industry was worth $136 billion. The US generated 69.9 billion, and Georgia grossed $9.5 billion.

Going into quarantine has not been easy for entertainment productions. The TV and film sectors are hemorrhaging money due to the pandemic.

To restart Hollywood post lock down, Director Steven Soderbergh will lead the Directors Guild Covid-19 committee.

Soderbergh’s list of credits include the 2011 film “Contagion” which has become a popular on-demand movie amid the ongoing pandemic.

The task force will consult with top epidemiologists. They’ll examine the issues and make recommendations to the board for a way to resume work, and developing protocols.

First thing to note is that nothing will happen until governments relax regulations on the number of people allowed to gather. Everyone on a film or TV production will most likely be required to sign a legal waiver.

It is also likely that everyone will most likely be tested before allowed on a set. Craft services may also see a change in how they operate. 

There will also be extra levels of protection built around actors whose health is crucial to keeping the production going and crew employed.

Filming crowd scenes will be difficult and so will intimate scenes.

Media mogul Tyler Perry is one filmmaker looking at ways to start filming. According to reports, Tyler would have the cast and crew check in on the first day of filming and everyone would be tested.

Whoever tests negative would be allowed to stay at his 330-acre lot where they will live during the entire production.

Some studios are hoping to have cameras rolling for July/August; though some say September is a more realistic date.

A similar production shut down happened during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. Eventually Hollywood reopened, but it took a little over a year for the industry to go back to normal.

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