Community continues to rally behind Tripp Halstead

Tripp Halstead

The 2-year-old boy who was hit in the head by a falling tree limb has support in his hometown of Winder, and with tens of thousands online.

Since the Oct. 29 accident that left Tripp Halstead with a traumatic brain injury, his family has been praying for his recovery and a miracle.

More than 60,000 people are following Tripp's progress on Facebook and many followers know the past couple of days have been grueling for the family.

His parents, Bill and Stacy Halstead have been posting updates online. The most recent from Nov. 12 shows how much of a roller coaster ride Tripp's recovery has been.

Stacy Halstead wrote the following on Facebook:

"So everything was good last night, very peaceful. When I noticed the Nurse starring him down, I looked and couldn't see him breathing normally, so she jumped into action and within seconds we had 12 staff members at his side. He never totally stopped breathing but somehow he reacted to some medicine that basically made him pass out, so the Dr's asked us (as his parents) to talk to him, annoy him, poke him, tickle him, anything that would wake him up. I never realized how strong I could be until that point. Here I am looking at my baby who is unresponsive and I am in his face, telling him to wake up.. 'Wake up baby.. mommy and daddy are here.' I was blowing bubbles on his stomach, kissing his toes and it did no good. On the outside, I was all calm and collected but on the inside I was dying."

It is posts like these that have left a community praying for Tripp and rallying behind his family.

"The post this morning and last night was pretty bad," Tammy Flanagan said.

Flanagan is the General Manager of the Zaxby's at 28 East May St. in Winder. On Nov. 13 Flanagan said they plan to donate 10 percent of their total sales to help with Tripp's recovery.

"I am hoping it is a fantastic day," Flanagan said. "We are staffed for it, we hope everybody comes out and supports him and give as much money to him as we can."

Stacy Halstead told CBS Atlanta News on Monday she is grateful for the community support. She will continue to post updates on her son's community Facebook page.

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