ATLANTA (CBS46) — The family of shooting victim Gabriel "Sam" Parker says police shot the wrong person and to make matters worse, they claim, there was no aid rendered.

Activists at a Sunday vigil called the shooting another example of the need for public safety in Atlanta to be transformed. 

"All he wanted to do was work, live, take care of his family," Valerie Carter explained. Carter was married to Gabriel "Sam" Parker for 19 years. 

On Saturday night, the neighborhood hosted a block party reunion on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. The event drew in about 1000 people, according to police.

Neighbors called it a time to celebrate each other. Parker was there live-streaming the event to his social media page when he was killed overnight, at 1 a.m. on Sunday. 

The community held a vigil in the same spot, near where witnesses say, the 38-year-old father laid on the ground for nearly eight hours after the shooting. 

"Y'all [police] didn't clear the scene or nothing. So how you think I'm supposed to feel," Carter questioned. "I'm angry, I want my justice and I'm not going to stop 'til I get it."

Atlanta Police Department said an officer was patrolling the area when he encountered gunfire. As result, the agency says he fired his own weapon. But witnesses argue, the officer shot an innocent bystander, Parker. 

Neighbors at the block party told CBS46 and posted videos to Instagram describing Parker as the person who was de-escalating a fight between two other men when he was shot. 

"It saddens me because she shouldn't have to see this," said Idus Parker, the victim's stepfather, while pointing at his own granddaughter. 

The 38-year-old leaves behind a 12-year-old daughter and his wife, Valerie Carter, who was watching the block party on her husband's live-stream the entire time. 

"Thinking he was out here having a good time, not knowing 30 or 40 minutes into it I'm going to hear shots. His phone drops, he runs off." 

Advocates showed up at the vigil demanding a transparent investigation and answers as to why, they claim, police did not render aid to Parker. 

Officials are still investigating whether the officer's bullet was the one that killed Parker. The GBI is handling the investigation. 


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