ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Trash has been piling up in one South Fulton community and those who live close by say they want this dumping to come to an end.

“It’s gets worse and worse by the day,” said Justin White.

White takes this side street off Oakley Rd. and Pinscher Street to and from work daily and he’s said the trash continues to pile up.

“It’s pretty annoying looking at it, what I have to live around. It’s trash cans all over the place but they throw it on the street and in the woods here," White said. "People have to live over here and they have to see it every day, it’s pretty annoying.”

And, White isn’t the only one concerned.

“What about the trash, what about the smell walking up the street. I’m just saying you never know what’s over there," said resident Trinity Sonic.

And she said the hazard goes beyond the smell.

“I had to pull a nail out of one of my friends shoes the other day,” added Sonic.

So CBS46 reached out to the city of South Fulton to see if and when they plan to clean up the area. Turns out the city picked up trash at the location on March 6th. But as soon as the garbage was clear more dumping occurred.

The police department released photos of the people they believe maybe are responsible for the most recent illegal dumping and, they are requesting the public's help in identifying the suspects. In the mean time residents say something needs to be done to stop it once and for all.

“They really need to clean this street up and put some sidewalks out there, We’re part of the city too,” added Sonic.

And, White agreed, “I would love for them to do something about this because it’s not acceptable”.

The city said cleaning up the current trash is a priority but they are also focused on stopping the illegal dumping from happening again.

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