More claims are being made against Southeastrans, a medical transport company that CBS46 have previously reported on. i

We originally reported on Sandreaka Smith’s problems with Southeastrans who left her stuck at home, missing important medical appointments. Now we've learned those problems are much more popular here in metro Atlanta than expected.

“These people have a total disregard for human life,” James Davenport said.

The state of Georgia considers James Davenport disabled due to a host of medical issues.

“I have chronic kidney disease, brain aneurysm, and a large liver,” Davenport explained.

Last year his health took a turn for the worst. He explained doctors visits became common.

“We’re talking about four, five, six, seven appointments per week,” said Davenport.

Here’s the thing, Davenport doesn’t have a car and is a Medicaid recipient, which means he relies on Southeastran Medical Transport to get him to and from his medical appointments.

“It started somewhat as a nightmare,” Davenport said.

And it continued that way, to the point that Davenport began keeping a ledger of all the problems he’s had with the company over the last year.

“I had been made late for appointments. Sometimes they were just not picking me up and disputed me sometimes saying that I did not call to schedule an appointment,” Davenport explained.

He told CBS46 it’s rare the company actually shows up on time. He even has proof from several of his doctors. One office actually stated Davenport is one of “plenty” patients having problems with Southeastrans.

So this time we reached out to Southeastrans’ employer, the state of Georgia. We learned the state’s contract with Southeastrans runs through June 30, 2020. However if the problems continue, the state may consider a number of options including liquidated damages.

CBS46 also learned that both the states of Tennessee and Indiana have had trouble with Southeastrans after signing contracts with the company.

If you want something to be done here, a representative of the state said it’s important that you report your problems with the company to Georgia’s Department of Community Health.

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