ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Just one day before the city of Atlanta unveils its new Buckhead Police Precinct, a state delegation meeting outlined concerns over the Buckhead City movement.

"We're going to focus on keeping Buckhead a part of our city," Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said.

From the mayor to Georgia House and Senate leaders as well as educators, officials in a Wednesday virtual meeting did not withhold their de-annexation disapproval.

"How Atlanta goes, so goes the region." Dickens continued, "as I said before we have to work together. We have to draw circles and not lines and that's what we're going to do."

Debt, schools, and political precedent fueled concerns against Buckhead cityhood.

"The implications for such proposals are clear. It would provide a precedent of efforts to break up existing municipal structures across the state and tax bases without making any provision for liabilities, including bonded debt."

Suggesting, a Buckhead breakaway would rid itself of the debt it created under Atlanta.

Other leaders noted the impact on the more than 5,000 students who would likely be removed from Atlanta Public Schools to Fulton County School System, but then would have no school board member representation there.

All of this comes just one day before the unveiling of the new Buckhead Police Precinct. APD Police Chief Rodney Bryant and Dickens plan to reveal the site on Thursday.

Bryant previously told CBS46 the location would staff about 24 officers to focus on traffic so that the other crews could tackle crime.

Meanwhile, House Representative Shea Roberts confirmed she filed legislation Wednesday afternoon that would require any de-annexation to get 57.5% of a city's vote.

The bill will be read on the house floor Friday.

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