Construction workers trapped hundreds of feet in the air forced to hold on for their lives

ATLANTA (CBS46) -- A pair of construction workers performing renovations on the condominium building at 1280 West Peachtree in Berkeley Park came face to face with a 15-story-drop after strong gusts of wind Wednesday afternoon began shifting their cable-suspended rig attached to the side of the building. 

“I heard some yelling and I turned around and noticed there were guys hanging from the railing,” said A’Ishah Wenson, who witnessed and recorded the ordeal from inside one of the building units. “I was like OMG what’s going on, OMG please don’t let him fall. It’s like they were fighting for their life in the air.”

Over the course of several minutes as the wind continued to blow the men grabbed onto cables holding their rig high above the Atlanta streets below, working feverishly to attempt to begin to lower the platform to safety. The wind did not let up, making it difficult for the two men to lower themselves. In the video captured and now seen thousands of times online you can hear the workers shouting to one another and their co-workers nearby and below.

“They’re holding and moving and trying to get the rope and I’m looking at them trying to get untangled,” said Wenson. “Every time they’re trying to get a hold of it the wind would just swing them away.”

Eventually the wind subsided and the two were able to lower themselves and safely re-attach to the side of the high-rise building, according to Wenson; only to recollect themselves and restart their renovation efforts hours later.

“The same guys in front of my same window, were right back doing the same thing,” said Wenson.

CBS46 is working to learn the identities of the construction workers involved.

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