CONYERS, Ga. (CBS46) -- Conyers Deputy Chief of Police Scott Freeman is not mincing words, calling out Piedmont Rockdale Hospital for what he believes is inhumane behavior. 

"One of the worst things I’ve seen in my entire career being perpetrated by what is a so-called hospital here in our community,” Deputy Chief Freeman said.

According to the deputy chief, a sick 68-year-old man was discharged from the hospital and left on the street.

“It was obvious to me, and I have seen a lot of people who are sick, who need medical attention. He needed to be in a hospital not on the sidewalk in front of a hospital.”

Deputy Chief Freeman said they received a call from Piedmont Rockdale asking them to stand-by while they escorted a man out of the hospital. He said that’s not part of police duties. They then received a 911 call about a man lying on the sidewalk who needed medical attention.

“Apparently his Medicare would not pay for additional treatment and they made the decision that they were going to remove him from the hospital. There was no indication that he was giving them any problem, being violent, hostile, or belligerent in anyway.”

Firefighters and EMS also responded to the scene.

“They told me at the time he was running a fever, they believe sepsis, urinary tract infection was present, and tachycardia was also there, and so he needed to be in the emergency room,” Deputy Chief Freeman said.

According to the deputy chief it was not the emergency section of the hospital that discharged the man.

He was taken by EMS to the same hospital’s emergency area, which by law cannot turn him away.

The deputy chief also believes there has been an ongoing issue with the hospital discharging patients without adequate resources.

He said he filed a complaint with the Department of Community Health in August and plans to file another one regarding yesterday’s incident.

“I think that someone who is a regulatory body needs to take a look inside and see what’s going on inside this hospital, before someone is put out on to the sidewalk, and the police aren’t there to save them.”

Piedmont Hospitals responded to what Deputy Chief Freeman said with the following statement.

At Piedmont, our purpose is to make a positive difference in every life we touch. We can only provide the best care with the cooperation and consent of the patient. Unfortunately, it’s too common for hospitals and communities across the country to take care of patients who have nowhere to go, or no one to help them, upon release from the hospital. We do our best to connect patients in need with community partners and social service organizations to provide appropriate after-hospital care, but ultimately accepting these services is at the discretion of the patient.

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