SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (CBS46) -- Choking traffic all over metro Atlanta leads unhappy motorists to push for better options.

Sandy Springs is voting on an unusual new way to get around, costing millions of local dollars the mayor says the city is willing, even eager to pay. 

The Tuesday night vote on an unusual traffic solution comes with rain and traffic. Rush-hour was a snarl, but the proposal, $33 million for some 30 miles of paved trails did not seem influenced by the weather.

Take a look at the proposal here.

The first mile or so intends to link Georgia 400 toward Cobb County by way of Abernathy Road. Next to a tennis center and the Weber School over to Johnson Ferry and across the Chattahoochee River to Cobb County.

Mayor Rusty Paul is emphatic when he says, “we cannot build ourselves out of congestion we just don’t have the surface area for more roads!”

He says a lady stopped him in the post office, asking what he was going to do about transportation congestion and named several intersections that were not functioning to her satisfaction. He said he asked her, “when are you most upset about congestion?”

She seemed confused and he said he reminded her it is when she is part of the problem, when she is in congestion and 1 million others are in the same traffic mix at the same time.

The trail plan offers Mayor Paul several other ways to get around besides a car. He named walking, skating, scooter riding, bicycling even says he’s looking ahead to autonomous vehicles and the city of Sandy Springs adapting to that.

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