Could new distribution center coming to Gwinnett be Amazon?

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In Gwinnett County there is a mystery and a lot of speculation surrounding a proposed distribution center.

A massive facility, that could bring more than 1,000 jobs has some saying it could be an Amazon facility.

CBS46 reporter Vince Sims has been researching filed documents to find what he can on the project.

"Well 1,800 jobs is a good thing," said Willie Scott who lives in the area.

That's one thing we know for sure.

The proposed development here on West Park Place Boulevard would have parking for 1,800 employees.

"Stores down there are closed and a lot out of business, so I think they need a lot of jobs around here," said Tyjeum Linton who is a local college student.

The distribution facility is also asking for variance for the structure to be a maximum of 80-feet high.

A source says you need that height for storage racks and automated equipment similar to what Amazon is know for using.

"I moved here 30 years ago and it was all woods, there was nothing around here and this is all built up in 30 years. So, we can always use a little more," said Bill Kirkman.

If it is an Amazon distribution facility, Vince asked people if they think that could be a positive sign for the headquarters coming to the Atlanta area.

"I certainly think that's a good sign. An economic boom for this area. You can't beat it."

Viola Linton, who lives nearby, said "Because there are a lot of people walking around that don't have any jobs and the income, it would help the income."

But more jobs can also bring problems too.

"It's kind of crowded out there on 78 though and I think traffic might be a problem," said Scott.

The thought this could be Amazon is still exciting to some.

"I never use Amazon so I assume it will be good for the people who use it," said Viola with a chuckle.

The proposal is on the agenda for the planning commissions next scheduled meeting.

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