County commissioner speaks out after being accused of acting inappropriately with former staffer

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A DeKalb County commissioner is speaking out for the first time since officials say he violated the county's sexual harassment policy. District 7 Commissioner Gregory Adams is defending himself in an interview you'll only see on CBS46.

County officials concluded that Adams crossed the line with one of his former staff members and should attend training. Since then, Adams hadn't talked about the county's findings until we tracked him down.

Adams dismissed the allegations against him during our one-on-one interview, but let's not forget that in the county's investigative report, he said he had taken Ambien, which may have caused him to do, or say things he could not normally.

"I didn't come here to get a date. I came here to serve the people, and that's all I do," says Adams, who maintained his innocence. "Anything else trying to come along and derail what we've got going on, I'm not paying it any attention."

The case involves Ashlee Wright, one of his former staffers. She said Adams crossed the line on several occasions.

"Everything is still going on. There's still continuation of conversation, that's where we are," says Adams. "But, no. I did not violate any policies as it relates to my role as a commissioner to serve DeKalb County. That's all I will continue to do."

When asked if he disagreed with the county's findings, Adams said, "I will reserve that until we get through with all the internal investigation. That' why we have OV here, we have Vivian, we have these legal attorney's here to represent us so we can just figure out where everything is going."

The county's investigative report states that there were several text messages from Adams asking to see Wright in a bikini, as well as a voice massage from Adams to Wright, saying, "I love your company. I'm selfish and if it seems that way, there's a reason. You're beautiful, you're sexy and you're intelligent."

I told Adams that if you look at the text messages and recordings, one would ask what was he thinking?

"If you and I have a good work relationship, and we laugh and carry on, that's what you'd think," he responded. "I have no intent, or interest in anyone on this job or any other job. I've been with my wife for 37 years. I'm a veteran police officer, I'm a veteran of the United States military and I'm an elected official. My focus is to serve the people."

Robert James, who is Wright's attorney, wants three quarters of a million dollars from the county to settle the case. When told the victim and her lawyer were asking for $750,000, and whether or not taxpayers would have to pay that, Adams said, "I think he's going to pay for it, because I ain't. Thank you, that's it."

Adams maintains that he's doing a good job as commissioner and will continue to do the work of the people in District 7, moving forward regardless of what has happened.

As for Wright, she plans to take legal action by filing a federal lawsuit.

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