It's a long-awaited neighborhood party on Longleaf Drive in Decatur.

"I'm grateful, I really am," said neighbor Jane del Monte.

A party that has been a good 10-years in the making.

"If I drank I would want to get a bottle of champagne. I might get one anyway and just pop it," said neighbor Janet Reisenwitz.

It's no ordinary get together. Neighbors celebrated as a contractor demolished this abandoned home next door which has been a magnet for crime and critters.

"And we had tried to even cut the grass, but it broke my lawn mower and I said ha, ha," said Reisenwitz.

Dekalb County officials also showed up at the party.

"Where were they before? I don't know these people," said del Monte.

And promised to maintain the property which they acquired ownership of through a tax deed 8-years ago.

"What do I love? That they're finally doing their job the one that the taxpayers are paying them to do," said del Monte.

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