ATLANTA (CBS46) — Two people have been arrested in Henry County after an altercation at a local McDonald's went viral online. 

In a video shared by ATL Uncensored, the dispute at the Locust Grove McDonald's could be seen after customers Marshall and Crystal Wallace were apparently told they would have to come inside to get a packet of Splenda. 

Marshall could be seen growing visibly upset and the confrontation that began in the drive-through line quickly escalated when he allegedly struck the manager in the leg with a chair.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office says Marshall Wallace was charged with Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct and Simple Battery.

His accomplice, Crystal Wallace, was charged with Simple Assault, Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct for her role in the Nov. 23 incident. Crystal is accused of throwing a drink and attempting to strike an employee.

Couple arrested after video of fight over Splenda packets goes viral

“The video clearly shows actions that blatantly violated the law and brought national embarrassment to the people of our great County. This type of behavior will not be tolerated," said Sheriff Reginald Scandrett.

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The couple was arrested on Dec. 7 during a traffic stop in Walton County. The two remain in Henry County Jail.

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Erica Hirthe

A man and woman from Scranton, Pennsylvania have been arrested after a video of the two fighting over Splenda packets went viral. I will read article here in order to find the right person for my essay. The argument reportedly began when the woman accused the man of taking too many Splenda packets, and it quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

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