Couple claims excessive force in Cobb County traffic stop, incident report suggests otherwise


It’s a video that is making the rounds on social media, and many have questions about what happened. We do too.

We went to the Cobb County Police Department and obtained the incident report that gives the officers’ account of what went down.

Cell phone video shows numerous Cobb County police officers responding to the home of a man who had just run a stop sign. In the video, a white officer draws his Taser on a black suspect.

The suspect, Timothy Watt, holds his hands in the air and said the officer never turned on his blue lights to initiate a traffic stop.

The woman recording the video is extremely emotional and claims to be Watts’ fiancé and five months pregnant.

The incident report, however, paints a very different picture. Officer E.W. Barnett said he did turn on his blue lights and points out the incident happened within a 1,000 feet of the suspect’s house.

The officer also said Watt refused multiple commands to remain in his car, so he called for backup. Police also insist Watt was resisting when placed under arrest, and that the cell phone video doesn’t show him trying to kick another officer.

That said, Watt and his fiancé believe law enforcement took it too far.

The report goes on to say that after Watt was booked in jail, the officer spoke with the judge and a warrant was taken out against Watt for running a stop sign, driving on a suspended license and felony obstruction.

The report also states that Watt was not given a bond due to his probation status.

However, Watt’s mother Barbara Bridges reached out to CBS46 and said the police report is not completely accurate. She said her son did run the stop sign and was driving without a license. However, she said he was not being held in jail on a probation violation as mentioned in the report. She said he was being held in jail on two felony obstruction charges. She also believes the large police response to the incident was unnecessary.

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