MCDONOUGH, Ga. (CBS46) -- It was jaw dropping and tearful moment in a Henry County courtroom as a couple learned they were found guilty of murdering a two-year-old toddler.

Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum had been on trial for nearly a month after being accused of abusing little Laila Marie Daniel, and ultimately ending the toddler's life.

For four days a jury deliberated over 49 counts including murder, aggravated assault and cruelty to a child. On August 1, Jennifer and her husband were found guilty of several charges including the aforementioned felony murder , aggravated assault, and cruelty to a child.

"It is deeply disturbing to hear family members of the defendants quarrel with the verdict. I am deeply concerned with the lack of recognition on behalf of the defendant's family of the scope of tragedy and cost of tragedy," said Judge Brian Amero. "I have been with this case for a long time too. It is one of the worst, most horrible crimes, outcomes that anyone could ever experience or dream of experiencing," he added.

Following the verdict, the court took a recess as the Judge Amero prepared to hear victim statements and sentence the couple.

One of those who stood before the judge to share her thoughts was Laila's aunt Caitlin Daniel, whi is the sister of Laila's father. 

"We loved Laila and would've done anything for her. She was more than my niece, she was my baby and I was excited to see her grow," she Caitlin. The aunt went on to say she did everything to gain custody of Laila, including mandatory drug tests. Still she says DFACS overlooked her efforts.

Another one of Laila's family members said forgiveness had taken the place of anger in her heart, but punishment must be met. "To this day, I have not seen one ounce of remorse. God will have the final judgement and hope [I] hope you are punished to the fullest extent."

A heartbroken Tessa Daniel, Laila's biological mother, said, "I blame myself for the last four years a lot, for what happened to my baby. I just want to say that I don't have to blame myself anymore."

Laila had various fractures and injuries that were in different stages of healing at the time of her death. The State said, given those circumstances, this was a pattern of abuse.

Jennifer was sentenced to life in prison plus 40 yearas. Joseph was sentenced to 50 years with 30 years to serve in state prison, along with 10 years to serve on probation.

Both were taken into custody immediately following the sentencing.

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