MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Bill and Jessica Douglas drove almost an hour and a half to Six Flags White Water on Sunday, but when they tried to enter using a membership they received as a gift they were denied admission.

“My mother had purchased two tickets to Six Flags White Water for me and my wife, in our names,” Bill Douglas said. “We were supposed to have a Gold Plus Membership, which paid for parking, to get into the park, and for a meal while we were there,” he said.

Bill’s mom bought them the one-year membership as a gift the day before.

“When we arrived at the park, they told us we had to pay for parking, and we were trying to tell them about our account, and they said it was being suspended,” Bill said.

The couple said staff asked them to go to the front desk to provide their information.

“We had the confirmation email that was sent to us, because the tickets were in our name, and we had a little barcode,” added Bill.

But after scanning the bar code, staff members told them they couldn’t go inside.

They were told Bill’s mother, who purchased the tickets, needed to be there to show her ID and credit card.

“My mom is disabled, she can’t be out in the heat or enjoy a park like this,” Bill said. “It was just upsetting.”

They waited more than an hour trying to figure the situation out, and even spoke to two different supervisors.

Despite receiving a confirmation email and barcode showing the payment went through and their tickets were available, a spokeswoman for the park said payment didn’t go through.

There was a mix-up on the billing address and that’s why the couple had trouble getting in.

“They acted like we were criminals,” Bill said.

In a statement a spokesperson for Six Flags White Water said:

Our credit card verification process is designed to protect the consumer. We have been in contact with the Douglas family and have invited them back to the park as our special guests.

“Why would I come, show my face, and my ID and all this, and try to get in this park if I was trying to do something illegal,” Bill said.

The Douglas’s have their money back but say they still lost money on gas and purchases they made for their first trip here.

They said this is a cautionary tale for others — confirm your tickets are actually valid before making the drive.

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