UC San Diego has installed vending machine on it’s campus offering self-administered covid-19 test kits. It’s the new normal for UC San Diego students in need of a covid-19 test.

"I was uncomfortable at first, but then after doing it bunch of times, I got used to it," Andy Goodman, a UCSD student said.

The school has installed 11 of the vending machines, most of them near student residence halls.

"Here it's easier, because I can just walk 40 feet away," Goodman explained.

The process works like this: grab a test kit, swab outside, and return the vile within 72 hours. Results should be back within two days. Every UCSD student is required to get tested at least once week. Head out to NYC and you’ll find another very special vending machine.

Wellness 4 Humanity unveiled the first ever vending machine to offer self-administered covid-19 test kits to the public in the United States Tuesday. THE company said its RT-PCR saliva tests are 99% accurate and the rapid antigen test is 97.4% accurate.

"Our whole solution with these machines is that we bring them into centralized locations such as subways, grocery stores, shopping malls or airports. And you could be walking by and you don't have to wait in long lines," Wellness 4 Humanity co-founder Pavel Stuchlik explained.

The company plans to roll out a thousand of the machines in the next three to 6 months. Getting the test is easy and contactless. You purchase the test online, then scan your barcode at the vending machine, pick up the test, provide a saliva sample then drop it off at any FedEx location with the included shipping label. Results are back in 24 to 48hrs.

Wellness 4 humanity added the test cost $119 and could be covered by insurance. They plan to have each vending machine stocked with 300 to 400 test per day.

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