DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Coronavirus cases continue to affect adults and children.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta had 94 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 Wednesday, down from 118 a week before. That doesn't necessarily mean those patients in the hospital for COVID but could be there for something else and tested positive for the virus.

Of the current 94 patients in the system's three hospitals, 12 percent are fully vaccinated and 78 percent have at least one pre-existing medical condition, according to information provided by the hospital system.

"We’re seeing a lot more children getting hospitalized who are younger, under the age of five and as you know that’s the age group that’s not eligible for vaccine yet they’re also the age group that has the smallest airways," said Dr. Matt Linam, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Children's.

"This round of COVID-19 is in a lot of ways acting like a lot of the other respiratory viruses we see in kids, just a lot more of it," said Linam.

"We are seeing a lot more kids right now that are coming in that have COVID that also have as their symptomatic presentation is croup," he said.

Dr. Linam said children with underlying conditions such as heart conditions, those with suppressed immune systems from cancer treatments and obese teenagers are among those with severe illness in the hospital. 

He urges parents to get vaccinated and boosted and to get eligible children vaccinated.

"There are still lots of people ending up in the hospital, more than we’ve ever seen before," said Linam. "We’re still seeing a number of people die from COVID-19."

Michelle Miller is a Cobb County mother whose four-year-old son recently had COVID and six-year-old son is currently home with it.

"The Monday after Christmas my four-year-old took a nap which is unusual and then he woke up we noticed he had a fever," she said, adding her son's fever reached as high as 104 or 105 along with him having body aches.

Her six-year-old who has it now is mainly complaining of a headache, she said.

Miller is thankful her sons' cases were mild.

"Gave both of them Tylenol for either the fever or the headache and that seemed to make it tolerable for them.”

She said, "I know that at the moment it’s a little challenging to be having outdoor play dates but that’s what we’re trying to do whenever the weather permits and encouraging both of our children when possible to be wearing a mask.” 

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