ATLANTA, Ga. The quiet suburb of Kirkwood has some neighbors they may not know are there.

On August 4 the Collins and their neighbor on Kirkwood road heard something unusual.“I woke up at 3.30 a.m. in the morning and I heard a real bad cat fight," said the neighbor who preferred not to have her name used. "And it scared me and it scared my cats…”

She told CBS46 she saw an image she haven’t been able to forget.

Their cat, Tank, who the Collins had taken in was a victim.

Coyotes are more wide spread in urban areas than many realize. The omnivorous animals are opportunistic feeders but have been known to take small domestic pets in the city area.

Kirkwood homeowners say more coyotes are being sighted around their houses.

Officials say make sure you don't leave pet food outside and keep your pets indoors would be the best way to keep your pets safe against wild animals.

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