DUNWOODY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Dunwoody Police said there has been a rash of burglaries plaguing the community. They said crooks are lurking around the neighborhood looking for ladders and when they find them, they are putting them up to homes and climbing up to get inside.

“That's scary because I never think of locking those windows up there and they're really high too” said Dunwoody resident Nancy Douglas in disbelief.

Douglas said she’s on high alert now that the police department has revealed it is investigating ten residential burglaries involving ladders that have occurred in the past several weeks.

“The suspects appears to be finding a ladder around the house, putting it next to the window or somewhere they find the entry point; and either breaking the window, or forcing it open and then going into the house and steal electronics, jewelry, clothing, all kinds of things,” said Sgt. Robert Parsons of the Dunwoody Police Department.

Parsons added the thieves are targeting the upstairs doors and windows because they are usually unlocked; and with the holidays right around the corner, he said these types of burglaries may get worse.

“Few people have motion sensors on the second floor of homes because when the person comes out and does the installation; we don’t put those up there, but this shows why that’s important,” said Parsons.

That’s why residents like Nancy who said she’s worried about her children’s safety; now plans to secure her ladder.

"It’s not something you think about, if you leave a ladder out, they’re going to getting into your house that way,” Douglas said.

Dunwoody police said if you have a ladder laying around your house or even in a shed; you should lock it up. They've released surveillance video of a possible suspect. (Watch above)

They also want anyone with information about the 10 burglaries involving ladders that already occurred to contact Dunwoody Police at 678-382-6900.

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