Catalytic converters

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- The Gwinnett Police Department told CBS46 a new crime trend only takes a few minutes and will cost you over $1,000 to repair.

Thieves pop under your car, a quick cut here another there. When they leave your'e left with a bill of over a $1,000.

“People are going up and stealing them directly off the vehicles, vehicles in a driveway, on the side of the road, for sale car lots,” Corporal Wilbert Reundles explained.

It’s not your stereo, or your rims they’re looking for. Believe it or not these thieves are looking to grab your catalytic converter. Corporal Wilbert Reundles of the Gwinnett Police Department said it’s a crime that’s on the rise.

“They just grossly cut it. They aren’t doing anything to unscrew stuff or unbolted,” Reundles said. 

The bad guys are looking to get their hands on a precious metal inside the converter.

“Platinum will be taken out of those catalytic converter‘s,” Reundles explained.

Driving the demand for this new crime wave is a growing number of online ads and posts by criminals looking to illegally purchase the converters. Last month, Gwinnett police ran a sting operation to curb the demand. As a result, four men were arrested and now face multiple charges.

“If you ever see any suspicious activity or people hanging around your vehicle, call the police department,” said Reundles.

Reundles also recommended parking in lit areas to help avoid becoming a victim of this new crime wave.

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